Artifacts Wanted (as Donation or Loan)

The South Frontenac Museum has set up a committee to develop new exhibits for the 2019 season.  Many items in our existing collection will be stored, and specific artifacts needed for the exhibits will be organized and displayed in the current Museum Building on Road 38.  

However, we are looking to fill out our collection to illustrate life during the period from 1900 through 1929 in our areas of Loughborough, Storrington, Bedford, and Portland — now together as the Township of South Frontenac.  The specific exhibits will be centered around:

  • Life in the Home
  • On the Farm and at Work
  • World War I and after the Troops came home.

If you have any of the following items from our area and dating from this period, and would consider donating or loaning them to the Museum, we would like to hear from you!

  • Barn board or Barn Door
  • Fence railings
  • Wallpaper or flooring from period
  • Armoire 
  • Wash stand 
  • Blanket box 
  • Milking bucket and stool
  • Old-time woodstove (for display only; not to be lit!)

Please call us at 613-376-3027 x2600 or use the contact form here.

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