South Frontenac is home to nine main villages and hamlets spread out across the community. Each settlement has it's own unique history and story to tell.

Our Hamlets

Battersea, Bellrock, Harrowsmith, Hartington, Inverary, Perth Road Village, Sunbury, Sydenham, and Verona.

Around the House

The Museum's has an extensive archive of household items that once played an integral part of life here in South Frontenac. Learn more about our collection below, or book a tour to view them first hand.

Mantel Clock

Take some time and learn about our mantel clock. Rich in Canadian history, this clock was a common item in many homes in South Frontenac. Click the photo to read about this time piece.

Kerosene Lantern

Enlighten yourself with some background on the Museum's Beacon Lantern. Click the photo to shine a little light on life before light bulbs in South Frontenac.

The Keystone Food Chopper

Life before the fancy kitchen gadgets we know and love today looked a lot different. But cooks have been looking for ways to make cooking more efficient for centuries. Click the picture to learn more about this hand kitchen tool.

Butter Press

You butter take a minute to learn about some pressing homesteading chores... This butter press helped South Frontenac families store this staple kitchen ingredient. Click the photo to learn more about this kitchen tool from days gone by.