Classic games, toys, and pass times for the children of South Frontenac

Fitting for a museum in a one-room school house, the Society's archives include a variety of classic toys from days gone by. Here is a sample of our collection, visit the Museum to view the whole collection.

Quacky Family

Check out our family of wooden ducks, a classic colourful toy loved by many. Click the photo to read our post and learn how much they would have cost in the 1940's and 1950's!

Ironing Board

A staple toy for many young girls, the small ironing board featured at the museum also prepared children for the housekeeping chores that would be expected of them. Click the photo to learn more!

Erector Set

Young men were encouraged to learn engineering skills by playing with toys such as this erector set. Click the photo to learn more!

Block Puzzle

Put together, this puzzle depicts common animals found on farms. Our set is well warn but complete with all the pieces. Click the photo to learn more!

Tin Tea Set

On the menu for High Tea? Some lovely air with an imaginary crumpet. This common toy taught young women how to host a tea party to the standard of the pickiest of teady bear guests. Click the photo to learn more!