Bringing Our History, Art and Culture To Life

At the South Frontenac Museum, our job is to fascinate and educate residents and visitors by bringing our history, creativity and culture to life.

We honour the people who have lived in this region over the centuries by collecting, preserving and sharing their authentic stories and artifacts. We also present stimulating experiences and exhibitions from other communities as a complement to this educational work.

History in the making

The story of the South Frontenac Museum begins with the formation of the Verona Area Heritage Society, which was registered as a corporation in 2004. Three years later, the name was changed to Portland District & Area Heritage Society. In June 2008, the society became a Committee of South Frontenac Township Council and, in 2012, the society was contracted by the municipality to manage the museum, which is located at 5595 Road 38 in the hamlet of Hartington. More recently (in 2019) the Society changed its name to the South Frontenac Museum Society.