Petroglyphs on an Island in Bob’s Lake?

Bill (a seasonal resident, I believe) wrote us to see if we knew of any archaeological resources in Frontenac county or South Frontenac township.

In the book on the history of Frontenac County – Land of a Thousand Lakes, he found a brief reference to a petroglyph or painting of a Indian warrior in a canoe on a cliff face on an island in Bob’s Lake.

Apparently, this petroglyph has been part of urban legend on the lake for many years. It is believed the petroglyph is now under water since the lake was flooded in the 1830s.

Bill is trying to find out if there are any other sites or sources in the community that make reference to this petroglyph. If you know of any, please respond to this post or send a message to the Museum.


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  1. I personally have not heard of the petroglyphs, but I have have only been in Frontenac County since 1976.

    I would suggest that you try the Lake Associations contacts. They have records going back a century kept by cottagers. You can get the list from the Township of South Frontenac website. There is an August meeting each year of the Associations and the contact list would be available there or from the office.

    You might also try the Ministry of Natural Resources Area Ecologist Kingston office. I think the number still is 613.531.5728.

    The local Conservation Authority might be an option as well as the Frontenac Park staff.

    I do know that paleo Indians known as Clovis people lived around the shores of Bobs and Crow. I don’t have his number, but you might try ‘googling’ Gray Merriam. There is not much that Gray does not know about the area. Jeff Green from the Frontenac News might also be a resource.

    The other contact you might try is Brian S. Osborne, Professor Emeritus of Geography at Queen’s University. He is Past President of everything and serves on many heritage and community organizations.

    That’s it for now. If I get a brainwave, I’ll get in touch.

    Good luck.

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